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Why IS a Monday!

New archive: Turk's art 2001 through 2005
Read the "readme":

Mature Content

2K1 - 2K5 Readme by revbayes

...then have a look around:…

They never did see Paris 2K5
Original text that went with it:

"Marcy and Mandy should never have accepted the offer from the lady in the fir coat to give them a ride from the airport to their hotel. Now, while they could hear the sounds of Paris somewhere below them, they saw only the blackness of their blindfolds, smelled only the leather of their restraints, and tasted only the cum of their captors."

There are some things about this one I've never liked. For instance, the river channel isn't nearly wide enough for Paris. The buildings across the way don't have the charm I wanted. The spacing isn't quite right in the composition.

Still, it carried the story I intended.
Nude Bathingcap Bondage Photo Session 2K5
"Come on! Focus! Let's see a little more turn-on mixed with fear in those eyes! This is your first time! You're scared, but you think you like it!"
Censored (sadly) for DA.


revbayes's Profile Picture
Stephen Turk
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Those who know me, know me simply as "Turk". I've been creating illustrations professionally since the early 1990's in Los Angeles. My illustrations were seen quite often in magazines for Harmony Publications...till, of course, the internet killed the magazine publishing business. When I started out in the early days I used to paint with art markers. Since then, I've gone strictly digital, using a variety of programs and tools. Most of my digital works can be found on
UPDATE: I've now got the drive backed up and an emergency repair disk created. The sector scan and fix has taken care of whatever boot problem it had, so things are good for now. MAN! I hate to think how close I was to losing all that data...
(original post)

So I'm sitting here facing that moment every computer user dreads...the hard drive crash.

Yeah. My prime 2TB drive on my internet computer (this computer) just dumped on me and won't boot. Fortunately, it's a dual boot system with a 32 bit version of Windows on another drive (I have some older programs that are not 64bit OS compatible) so I'm able to get up and running.

I'm performing a check disk and surface scan on the drive in the hopes that I can repair the problem and get it back up and running. Funny thing is, I'd just bought a 4TB USB drive to back up that disk...but I hadn't had time to do that yet, so there's a Hell of a lot of un-backed up data on that drive. I really hope I can  recover it...

Now when I say this is my "internet computer" it's not really the whole story. This is actually my number one computer that does most of my heavy lifting. It has the fast 8 core Intel processor. It has the 16 gigs of memory. It has the 4 gig video card. It runs, among other things, all my 3D rendering programs...and most of all, that 2 TB drive has my Poser runtime...not backed up...on it. (All Poser users reading this just cringed)

My number two computer, which I call my "art computer", has an older CPU, only 2 GB of memory, and an older 1 gig video card. I use it to run Photoshop and Photopaint as well as 3D modeling in 3DCoat. It simply doesn't have the horsepower necessary to do the rendering that is the current core of my art.

What I'm really saying is...after today's art post (which was completed before the crash) I don't know how long it till take me to fix this problem or when I will be able to resume creating and posting new art.

Wish me luck!

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KristinF Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Hey hon! :D
revbayes Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Hi Kristin! Welcome to my humble corner to DA!
yeidenex Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG Revbayes your art is awesome.
revbayes Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks much!
Doggers Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey there, Scooter!
I had NO clue you were here under this name.
Or maybe I just forgot. Ah, whatever. Nice to find you alive and well.
revbayes Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thought you knew about the Revbayes handle. Had that at Renderotica for years. It's all about a brief interest I had in
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revbayes Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Hi D-man. Yeah, long before Turk and bondage art came together, there was "Scooter". It came about because of my bopping around LA on a Honda Elite 150 back in the 1980's. ( be young! wouldn't do that now days!) Bill Majors knew me by that handle and that's what I used for illustrations in Bon-Vue publications.
Doggers Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
 Yup. I still recall the tale.
And also exactly how you got persuaded to upgrade to 'real' wheels. :-O
Tight-Ropes Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2016
I have quite a collection I have built up over the years and will keep looking. Its always great when I find a piece of your work old or new.

I found two pictures I think one was called the reluctant convalescent did you ever do any more in that series?

You also referred to the "Baby Babs” series on Renderotica created back in the late 1980’s. I have never found any of these though I do have the two later Renderotica drawings. I'm going to keep searching for these. ;o))
revbayes Featured By Owner Edited Feb 13, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
"The Reluctant Convalescent" was my 2nd attempt at trying comic-book format. It was intended to be a tribute to Claire Willows' "Brenda, Girl Reporter" strip.

While not the last time I tried my hand at comic-strip style story telling, I learned...just as Bishop freakin' much work it is and that it's far easier to go to with single panel illustrations to accompany a written story. (again, that's what Bishop eventually did...with great success)

The original Baby Babs strip was hand drawn line art I did for Bon-Vue magazine under the name, "Scooter". (a nod to my form of transportation back in those days in LA) I don't remember if I ever scanned it or not.
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